About Dog Gear City

Hi, welcome to Dog Gear City.

Our main aim is to provide you with dog product reviews along with tips and guides of a very high standard and quality. We want to ensure that our articles help you make the best and most intelligent choices for your dog. 

Throughout my entire life, I have always maintained a special bond with my dogs. I have also had the privilege of being around friends and family who themselves have had all kinds of pets.

One thing I always noticed was that they struggled to make informed purchasing decisions for their pets. The reasons for this are up for speculation, but it ultimately came down to one crucial factor. That factor being simply a lack of guidance and direction.  

By this, I mean that the internet often lacked platforms that could provide adequate information to help you as a consumer in making smart purchases for your dog. Take, for instance, when you want to buy a pressure cooker, or you are looking to replace your old computer. You usually go on to the internet and visit sites like the Wirecutter or PCmag, right. Well, when it comes to our canine friends, such platforms hadn’t really existed until recent history.

That exact reason was what prompted me to create this website, “Dog Gear City”, so that fellow dog owners like yourself have a platform they can visit when they need reviews for dog products.

While I myself may not be able to provide the experience of a veterinarian, the skill I have acquired from the past is in hiring qualified professionals to consult on product reviews and articles that will require the opinion of a specialist.

I hope that I  manage to succeed in this project and offer you solutions I always found difficult to find and that these solutions make you more confident as a dog owner.

Our Team


Robert Cain

Robert Cain is one half of the content writing team on this website. Robert is an old school music fanatic, and some of his favourite genre's include indie rock and soft rock. He loves to play and spend time with his small puppies, "Max" and "Lady". Robert hopes to share the experiences he has had with his dogs through his articles. He hopes that these articles also add value to the relationship that you share with your dog.

Marjorie Pace

Admin & Reviewing
Marjorie Pace handles the website's admin and also takes part in the reviewing process.

Ruben Gilley

Content Writer
Ruben Gilley has been a freelance writer since 2016. Ruben loves problem-solving and is a wannabe social media guru. When he is not working, Ruben likes to spend lots of time with his English mastiff "Zola". If he is not doing that, you can find him sitting in front of the TV catching up on his favourite sports.

Nellie Hare

Nellie Hare, along with Marjorie, takes part in our product reviewing process. In her free time, Nellie loves to volunteer at dog shelters.

So What Now?

If you have made it here, it means that just like us, you are looking for a source to guide you into making informed purchases for your dog gear needs.

Well, I have good news for you, we have prepared everything you will need to make that a possibility.

So from here you can go and:

We hope that Dog Gear City will provide you with content that you will enjoy and if you ever have any suggestions for our website, please feel free to contact us.